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Key Features
  • Powerful and big built-in flash
  • 5x wide optical zoom
  • Super-slim body
  • 720p HD Movie recording
  • Magic Filters in stills and movies
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The Olympus VG-170: A brighter dawn for your photography with a flash that’s twice as powerful

A brighter dawn for your photographyA brighter dawn for your photography

Olympus introduces a new flagship model in its easy to use compact range with the illuminating advantage of a best in class flash that is nearly four times as powerful as that found on a regular compact camera, and offers twice the range.

This brighter-than-average bulb is capable of lighting up faces 15 metres away in wide-angle setting. What’s more, in Long Flash mode the camera will trade off megapixels against ISO sensitivity so that it is automatically set up to deliver the best results in low light photography. The result is great looking pictures even in otherwise tricky lighting conditions.

5x wide optical zoom5x wide optical zoom

14 megapixels, 5x wide optical zoom plus Digital Image Stabilisation

The VG-170 delivers the quality and feature set you would expect of an Olympus. It includes a high resolution for bigger enlargements, creatively broad focal range equivalent to a wide 26-130mm in 35mm film terms for flexibility in framing, plus effective anti shake to reduce blur when shooting handheld and in lower light. Light sensitivity settings between ISO80-1600 are also manually selectable. Alternatively turn on the built-in flash.

Massive matchless flash helps make light work

Among the most commonly used functions on a compact camera, a good quality built-in flash can mean the difference between getting a great quality photograph in low light or none at all. The big flash on the VF-170 is therefore capable of providing a big, big improvement in your photography.

Put simply it offers twoice the power of its nearest rival, which means it offers twice the range. In technical terms the VG-170’s Guide Number is 8.8, compared with 4 to 5.6 for regular digital compacts.

Nine Magic Filters for turning the everyday into the extraordinary

Specifically designed to expand the creative potential of digital photography, this impressive function of the VG-170 utilises in-camera image processing technology to effortlessly transform the everyday into extraordinary scenes. Simple to operate, the filters allow users to create entirely new worlds with their images. From vibrant colours and pencil drawings to mysterious or rounded perspectives, artistic spirits can magically turn ideas into reality, for both still photos and video.

3D photo shooting mode

The VG-170 incorporates the latest must haves. These include a 3D shooting mode that produces striking stills that can be shared on 2D devices and regular TVs. Simply turn on the new Red and Cyan 3D feature before you take the picture.

Dual IS banishes blur for perfect resultsDual IS banishes blur for perfect results

Classic retro design and fantastic value for money

With its slim and stylish body and enticing retro design the range topping VG-170 is also incredible value for money, making it an ideal choice for the photographer who just wants to point and shoot and let the camera do the rest. Placing its manufacturer’s renowned expertise in the hands of the everyman, this VG series camera is truly Very Good.

High Definition movie recording

Just one press of the red button and users of the Olympus VG-170 can be instantly recording 720p High Definition video clips, no matter which shooting mode has previously been selected. So what chance of missing that special moment? No chance!

Big and bright LCD screen

The Olympus VG-170 offers a large 3-inch, high-resolution 460,000-dot LCD screen for framing and reviewing your photos. This means that sharing shots on the spot with family and friends is not only a possibility but also a real pleasure.

A brighter dawn for your photography

Effortless image making, wireless image transfer

Featuring automatic aids like AF Tracking, Intelligent Auto Mode (i-Auto), Scene Modes (including Landscape, Night), Beauty mode for banishing blemishes, Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment Technology, perfect focus and exposure is guaranteed for any given subject.

Also offering high capacity SDHC and SDXC media card compatibility so you never run out of storage space, plus Eye-Fi card compatibility for wireless image transfer when you want it, slip a VG in your pocket and you’re all set for photo excellence

In-camera help and features you can trust to deliver

The VG-170 features an in-camera help guide so that even the least experienced family members can rapidly get to grips with the best of what the camera has to offer.

Smart and flashy with it, the Olympus VG-170 is available in black, white or red.