Nexus 4.5kg Single Tub Washing Machine (NX-WM-4SASR)

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Key Features
  • 4.5kg Capacity
  • Single Tub
  • 220V/50HZ
  • Aluminum Motor
  • No Pump
  • BS Plug
  • Plastic Exterior
  • 2 Wash Programs
  • Electro-mechanic Control
  • Rust-Proof Body
  • Lint Filter
  • Rat Mesh
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Product DetailsThis NEXUS washing machine will help you wash your clothes easily and clean them thoroughly in the process. The Nexus smart pulsator enables the right movement for your clothes and makes them dirt-free. This powerful machine comes packed with some exciting features like two-wash program for a customized washing experience and a collar scrubber to clean collars and cuffs in an efficient way.
Design & Capacity – Experience hassle-free laundry with the 4.5 Kg single tube washing machine from NEXUS. This compact machine is ideal for small-sized family and its two-wash programs make for a convenient washing experience.  Bring home the 4.5kg, from NEXUS and change your laundry experience with a lot easier and stress-free feature.  It is equipped with state-of-the-art features like smart pulsator, in-built side scrubber wall and Lint Filter. If you’re finding your laundry days really tedious, don’t worry too much.
2 Wash Programs – This 4.5 kg washing machine comes with two different wash programs. The ‘Gentle’ wash program can be used for regular & delicate clothes, while the ‘Normal’ wash program is ideal for washing bed linens and other laundry items like jeans and denim.
Electro-mechanical Control – It features mechanical knobs to control the functions of the washing machine.
Rust-proof Body – This is a durable rust-free appliance that you can use for a long time.
Lint Filter – This detachable filter collects the fibers that may come out while washing clothes so they don’t get stuck in the pipe.
Rat Mesh – It comes with a 3 mm strong plastic cover with a rat repellent chemical that helps in keeping rats away and ensures the durability of the machine.