Master Chef Nonstick Pot Set 3 With Frying Pan-Small(Red)

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Key Features

Features Include:

  • Non-stick coating for healthy cooking
  • strong stainless handles for fire resistance
  • It minimizes loss of vitamins, minerals and flavour
  • There is equal distribution of heat
  • Uses less oil
  • it is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Internally reinforced 2 coats technology
  • Specially designed bottom for better heat efficiency
  • It comes with glass covers/lids
  • Glass cover can also be used for the frying pan
  • Sizes include: 16cm, 18cm, 20cm pots and 20cm frying pan
  • MC 5527
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Looking out for a great non-sticking pots that will satisfy your cooking needs? This Nonstick Pot Set 3 is all you need for that.
This set helps you cook healthy meals due to it’s non-stick coating. It minimizes loss of vitamins and minerals and flavouras you prepare your meal and gives that equal distribution that makes your meal cook evenly.
The good news is that, it is affordable. Grab one today.