LG LG TV Remote Control

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Key Features
  • Compatible with all LG tv models including : 32LB5800 32LB5800UG 32LB5800-UG 32LB580B 32LB580BUG 32LB580B-UG 32LN5700 32LN570B 32LN5750 39LB5800 39LB5800UC 39LB5800-UC 39LN5700 39LN5750 42LB5800 42LB5800UG 42LB5800-UG 42LN5700 42LN5750 47LB5800 47LB5800UG 47LB5800-UG 47LB6100 47LB6100UG 47LB6100-UG 47LN5600 47LN5700 47LN5710 47LN5750 47LN5790 50LB6100 50LB6100UG 50LB6100-UG 50LN5600 50LN5700 50LN5710 50LN5750 55LB5800 55LB5800UG 55LB5800-UG 55LB6100 55LB6100UG 55LB6100-UG 55LN5600 55LN5700 55LN5710 55LN5750 55LN5790 60LB6100 60LB6100UG 60LB6100-UG 60LN5600 60LN5700 60LN5710 60LN5750 60LN6150 60LN6150UB 65LB6190 65LB6190UD 65LB6190-UD
  • Superior Quality
  • Durable
  • Efficient & Reliable
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This is LG TV replacement remote control works for all LG LCD AND LED TV series as well as smart 3d tv series and also a host of other LG LED /LCD and plasma TVs .
This remote control has already been pre-programmed  to work with all LG LED AND LCD TV series( No programming or setup required). It also works with most older models. Just put in the batteries and you are ready to go.
These are high quality replacement remote controls, work 100% like the manufacturer spec but are a fraction of the retail price.
Its the Best kind of LG LED AND LCD REPLACEMENT REMOTE CONTROL with identical and familiar buttons unlike standard universal remote controls.