Lavender Repair Essence Stretch Mark & Scar Remover

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Key Features
  • Effective
  • Sweet-smelling
  • Twice a day usage
  • It clear the skin¬†
  • Fine texture
  • Fast result
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Lavender Repair Essence is effective for the following;

  • *External wounds
  • *Stretch marks
  • *Post-surgery
  • *High temperature burns

*Elimination of scars like: Cesarean section scar, knife stabs, scar pigment tat ion, mosquito bite scars and other effective repair.
It works fast in covering all the scars and blending them finely with your skin color. It is to be applied on the affected area morning and night for best result. It could be used for kids, adult males and females and also for the old. It is all natural and has no negative side effects.