Generic Cake Mixer With Stainless Bowl

8,000 5,800

Key Features
  • 5-Speed Option One-Touch Ejection
  • Maximum comfort handle
  • Rotatable steel big bowl 
  • capacity: 2L
  • 2 Beaters for mixing egg & cream
  • 2 hooks for mixing dough
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This Hand mixer from Eurosonic Brand is portable as it does not take up much space on your kitchen counter‎.‎ It features 2 beaters that richly mixes the flour‎,‎ egg‎,‎ milk and other ingredients together and is very easy to use as it comes with 5 speed setting with turbo switch which lets you achieve variety of creative cakes‎.‎ The electric cake mixer guarantees you with a cake mixture that is light in texture so you can achieve a fluffy results for your customers and loved ones to enjoy those mouth‎-watering cakes‎