Generic 300Mbps Wireless WiFi Repeater/Extender/AP/WI-FI Signal Range Amplifier/Booster, Mini 2.4G Portable WiFi Signal Range Extender With WPS For Router Home

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Key Features
  • Convenient wall-plug design(US Type Plug)
  • Compatible with 802.11b/g/n and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi devices
  • Extend WiFi signal up to 300Mbps
  • One-touch wireless security encryption with WPS button
  • Smart LED status indicator helps you to find the best location to place the range extender
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Product Description



The wifi repeater can extend your wifi coverage.


The wifi range extender could reply your existing wifi signal.


How to Install the Repeater?

plug it into your socket

Connet the repeater's wifi

Open your browser and set up step by step

Connect the repeater's wifi. And everything is done.

Plug it into socket

1. Choose suitable placement and plug it into socket.

2. When it is on, reset it.

Connect repeater’s wifi via cell phone

1. Open your phone’s wifi set-up window.

2. Connect the repeater’s wifi.

Set up the repeater via browser

1. Open your browser and key in

2. Go into wizard and set up it step by step:

a. the default account and password both are admin

b. Choose the existing wifi what you want to relay

c. set up its wifi password which should be same with the existing wifi.

Connect the repeater’s wifi again

Connect the repeater’s wifi after configuration is done. And then you could enjoy surfing even in dead zone.



This repeate cannot be used as a router.

Please make sure that the repeater should receive at leats 60% signal of existing wifi

Waveoven, main wall, and washing machine will affect its performance

IP conflict

The repeater is not a router

Please notice: the repeater does not include router function. Please do not use it as a router. It can only extend existing WiFi’s signal range.

Make sure at least 60% signal received by the repeater

Please make sure that the placement of repeater should be covered by at least 60% signal strength of existing WiFi.

Avoid inteference

Wave oven, washing machine and other electric appliances may affect the repeater’s performance. Especially, main wall which include steels may decrease its siganl dramatically. Please avoid these between the repeater and the place which you want relay to.

IP conflict

Sometimes, perhaps you cannot go into the wizard, which is caused by IP conflict. Please log into your router’s wizard and change its IP as or


Features :  “This upgrade Version WPS Wireless-N Repeater is mainly used for providing free WiFi service at your home and office etc. Want to see your favorite online TV Show but the TV is on the dead zone? Your long and old house cut your video call with your friends? The bell can not work because it can not receive wifi? Now, say goodbye to dead zone with this MakeTheOne wifi repeater.Enough of no wifi!”

Application :  Setting up a Wireless Infrastructure Network , For a typical wireless setup at home (as shown below) , please do the following :  Wireless Repeater Mode : You will need WiFi AP/Router internet access ,plug the wifi extender to a power slot , after configuration to be an access point  Wireless ap Mode : You will need broadband Router internet access , Connect the wifi repeater to your router/switch with RJ-45 Cable  Color : Polish White  Frequency range : 2.4-2.4835GHz  Wireless transmit power : 14 ~17 dBm (Typical)  Power supply unit : 100V-240V AC  Wireless Signal Rates With Automatic Fallback  11n : Up to 300Mbps(dynamic) ; 11g : Up to 54Mbps(dynamic) ; 11g : Up to 11Mbps(dynamic)  Modulation Technology : DBPSK , DQPSK , CCK , OFDM , 16-QAM , 64-QAM

Receiver Sensitivity  300M : [email protected]% PER 11M : [email protected]% PER  150M : [email protected]% PER 6M : [email protected]% PER  108M : [email protected]% PER 1M : [email protected]% PER  54M : [email protected]% PER

Package Includes :  1 x Wireless Wifi Extender Repeater  1 x RJ-45 networking cable(1 Meter length)  1 x user manual